Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a UL listed central station?


Do you belong to the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA)?

Yes, we are a five diamond central station.

Do you offer CCTV monitoring?


Do you offer card access and maintenance?


Do you offer dealer training programs?

Yes, here at our office as well as at distributor locations throughout the year.

Can we input our own data changes?


Do you have mobile apps for both the dealers and the subscribers (i.e. total connect, etc.)?

Yes, we have mobile apps for dealers available at this time. We will be releasing the subscriber mobile apps in the near future.

How can you help me grow my RMR?

Through our dealer training programs we have the ability to teach you what is available. This will assist you in increasing your existing data bases by just utilizing new technology.

Do you offer any dealer packages?

Yes, we offer many dealers packages.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Not at this time.

Do you offer billing for my accounts?


Do you compensate for leads?

Yes, we strive to receive references from our existing dealers, manufacturer’s reps, and distributors.

Do you offer internet (IP) monitoring?


Do you offer cellular monitoring?


Do you offer two-way monitoring or PERS (personal emergency response system)?


What kind of receivers do you have?

We have a multitude of central stations receivers that will meet you monitoring needs .