All-in-one Package
A unified app experience, your customers have full
control over their security system, lights, locks, garage
doors, thermostats, security cameras and other
connected devices

Increase Brand Awareness
with Custom Branded Apps
iOS and Android apps are highly customizable and
completely white-label branded for your business. Your
app name, your logo, your colors, your background, your
app store account, fully managed by SecureNet
on your behalf.

Game-Changing True HD Video and
Recording at 30fps
Crystal clear 1080p or 720p video streaming and recording directly to your customer’s
smart device, from anywhere in the world.
SecureNet’s disruptively priced Wi-Fi cameras can be added in the app and feature up
to 2 weeks constant local recording, with event recordings stored securely in the cloud.
Additional features include 2-way audio and pan/tilt on select indoor and outdoor models

Unique Customer Experience
Protect your RMR by empowering customers to build upon your service via DIY. Customers can self-install
devices, cameras or even entire systems directly from the app. Your customers can manage their own users,
setting security credentials and account access levels.
SecureNet includes “if this happens, then do that“ automation rules and notifications for time, security or device
based triggers. A wide range of connected devices and peripherals are supported, including Amazon Echo, Ring
Doorbell, Nest Thermostat, Z-Wave and many more.

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