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Security, Fire & PERS Alarm Monitoring

Quick Response is a trusted outsourcing partner for fire alarm monitoring companies. We’re a leading expert among alarm monitoring companies and first response security companies with high-quality, certified solutions.

Your customers rely on you. You can rely on Quick Response’s industry-leading monitoring services.

Quick Response has over 40 years of experience in monitoring systems. The company first provided monitoring systems as an alarm dealer for Sonitrol. In 1996, we expanded our business solutions in response to the growing need for high-quality wholesale central stations in the Midwestern market. We support our clients with state-of-the-art security monitoring services at competitive rates.

Partner with a national leader in 24/7 alarm monitoring

We help you deliver professional and responsive alarm monitoring for fast response and enhanced security. Quick Response provides monitoring systems suitable to support security companies for business and residential needs.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our fire alarm monitoring can protect individuals and premises while saving security companies precious time. Notifications are sent to the relevant authorities for a rapid fire protective response. When a smoke detector is activated, the system will send a notification and receive a priority response. Fire alarm systems can also be integrated into existing home automation solutions.

Security Alarm Monitoring

Security companies also rely on our alarm monitoring services to prevent wasting time and resources. We can equip your security systems with tools to avoid false alarm notifications. We are dedicated to supporting security teams with camera surveillance solutions that can identify an animal from a threat, for example. Deliver unbeatable customer service with reliable surveillance systems.

PERS Alarm Monitoring

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), also known as emergency medical devices, help promote independent living and peace of mind. Let us deliver that same peace of mind to you with trusted and reliable PERS alarm monitoring services. Our trained operators are available 24/7 to alert emergency services and family members when needed.

Keep your customers satisfied with a comprehensive security video monitoring service

Whether you seek to outsource central station monitoring systems or provide enhanced support for security guards, Quick Response can deliver dedicated alarm monitoring and surveillance camera technology.

Our live video monitoring software solutions make the most of innovative technology, including artificial intelligence and facial recognition. We are committed to empowering security businesses with the tools they need to enhance security. We provide surveillance systems that can seamlessly integrate into residential smart home hubs for around-the-clock protection for your private clients.

Security professionals trust us with real-time video analysis and identification solutions to prevent costly delays when it comes to surveillance systems. We believe rapid response alarm monitoring analysis can cut your customers’ complaints significantly.

Quick Response can monitor various alternative communication forms

IP Alarm Monitoring

IP is the fastest form of security, averaging only a one to one-and-a-half second delay between the alarm onsite and transmittal to receivers.

Quick Response provides an IP platform monitored at our central station. Our dispatchers are trained to react immediately, delivering efficient situation-sensitive monitoring.

We Support:

  • Bosch
  • DMP
  • DSC: T-Link
  • Honeywell AlarmNet-i
  • Napco: NetLink

Cellular/GSM Monitoring

Quick Response’s cellular and GSM monitoring is the most efficient and reliable available. In case of error or emergency—such as a landline cut—it will continue to communicate. The signal may not be quite as fast as IP, but is equally efficient as the others. The Quick Response central station relies strongly on the rigorous professional training of all our employees to quickly decipher and respond correctly to every type of alarm situation.

Single-Source Billing:

  • DSC: Connect-24
  • Honeywell AlarmNet
  • Telguard
  • Uplink

Dual-Source Billing:

  • 2Gig
  • Bosch
  • DMP
  • Napco: Starlink

AES Radio

Do you have an existing AES networking, or are you looking to build one? Quick Response can help with all your AES communication needs. AES Intellinet 2.0 provides enhanced mesh radio technology with advanced security protection.

We build trust-based relationships in monitoring and surveillance systems

At Quick Response, we’re proud to be just the right size to deliver top notch solutions and customer service to our clients.

We are passionate about delivering top quality surveillance technology and security solutions for all security needs. We have made it our mission to build monitoring approaches that meet the unique requirements of your customers.

Do you need to integrate live surveillance solutions into an existing system? Do you want to add alarm monitoring services to your existing business or home security services? Reach out to our team at Quick Response to get a free quote.

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