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Home Security Remote Monitoring

Welcome to cost savings and greater data resiliency. Welcome to the future of security home monitoring.

You can run your own central station while still reaping many of the time and cost-saving benefits that come with outsourcing.

How? Hosted central station services, remote server monitoring.

Cloud-based hosted central stations are the buzz of the alarm monitoring industry. This exciting home security with monitoring service is now available from Quick Response.

Hosted Central Station Benefits

  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Reduced Infrastructure Costs
  • Improved Data Resiliency
  • Greater Peace of Mind
  • Free to Focus on Serving Customers & Other Key Initiatives

What is a hosted central station? How does a hosted central station work?

In a hosted central station arrangement, we take care of the infrastructure while you focus on staff, handling alarms, and taking care of your customers. Third-party cloud-based hosting gives you access to state-of-the-art IT, communications and infrastructure assets without the requisite investment. You maintain control over day-to-day operations. Not only can you save on infrastructure costs, but you’ll also be able to increase focus on key initiatives to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Hosted central stations afford other benefits, too. With disaster recovery and data resiliency services, you can maintain your own central station while knowing you have a backup. Your data is replicated at Quick Response, giving you a full redundant central station. You’ll have near-zero downtime with instant failover in case of an emergency. Load balancing during heavy storm activity or emergency situations provides added resiliency when you need it most.

Since Quick Response also operates central stations for our clients, we know firsthand the needs, hurdles and intricacies that come with the territory. We have your back with fully trained operators available 24/7.

Hosted Central Station Services

Services Provided

Quick Response Hosted Solutions

Other Hosted Solutions

TMA Five Diamond Trained Operators 24/7
Fully Hosted Central Station Infrastructure
Disaster Recovery
Load Balancing
Ease of Integration w/ Open API
UL 827 Listed
Partial Hosting Options
24/7 Staffed NOC Supporting Automation
Redundant Central Station

Partial Hosting Options (Semi-Hosted Central Station)

Also called hybrid or fusion monitoring, semi-hosted central station solutions focus on disaster recovery and data resiliency. You maintain your own central station while having your data replicated at Quick Response. This gives you a full redundant central station as a backup. Should disaster strike, you’ll have near-zero downtime with instant failover, plus load balancing for added resiliency when you need it most.

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