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Why Security Companies Should Switch to Cloud-Based Security Cameras


As cloud technology has become increasingly ubiquitous across all industries, security cameras have also begun to follow suit with more cloud-based solutions. However, while security companies are constantly looking for new methods to save costs while improving efficiency and security for their customers, many have been slow in adopting cloud-based technology.

As more organizations continue to convert to cloud-based technology, it becomes increasingly imperative that security companies explore the various ways that the new technology can improve daily operations. This article will examine some of the benefits and features that cloud-based security cameras provide and why security companies should consider making the transition.

Continue reading below to learn more about why cloud-based security solutions are the best option for you and your customers and discover why Quick Response is the preferred choice for comprehensive video surveillance monitoring services.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Security Cameras

Until recently, video surveillance systems were primarily used as a crime-prevention tool. However, as technology has evolved, cloud-based security cameras provide several advantages, including improved flexibility, lowered expenses, and eliminating the need for complicated on-site surveillance setups.

Here are some of the critical benefits that cloud-based security cameras provide.

Remote Access

The main advantage of cloud-based video surveillance is its convenience. Cloud-based video surveillance not only allows for remote access at any time and from any location, but it also enables accessible video replay and quick access to security footage from any computer, smartphone, or tablet device. This is not only convenient for your customers, but it also gives them peace of mind because they can always see what’s going on with their cameras.

Easy to Maintain

Compared to the upkeep of traditional video surveillance systems, cloud-based security cameras are far easier to maintain. With cloud-based surveillance cameras, security companies can reduce the administrative overhead required to assure system operability by simplifying system setup and eliminating the requirement for supporting hardware and equipment.

Increased Performance

Video transmissions put a lot of strain on networks, which isn’t new information for security companies. However, with cloud-based security cameras, the cloud will always have enough processing power for daily operations regardless of how many cameras connect to the network. As a result, your customers won’t need to budget for additional server purchases to achieve optimum performance expectations.

Features of Cloud-Based Security Cameras

Cloud-based security cameras have revolutionized surveillance, bringing unprecedented convenience and reliability to security companies. Even as the rest of the world continues to evolve, security companies now have a better ability to keep their customers secure and guarantee their safety.

Here are some of the various features that cloud-based security cameras can provide your customers.

Data Encryption

Compared to traditional surveillance systems, cloud-based security camera systems come with their own set of precautions. Instead of penetrable firewalls, cloud-based security systems use safeguards like single sign-on, password protection, and two-step verification to protect surveillance footage.

Detection Technology

The ability to analyze video on the cloud offers security companies a whole new universe of possibilities. Cloud-based surveillance is designed to be intelligent and proactive, alerting people to suspicious activity in real-time. This enables you to swiftly sort through footage and stay ahead of the curve by providing your customers with access to resources and capabilities that would otherwise be unavailable.

Off-Site Storage

Last but not least, cloud-based security cameras allow security companies the ability to adapt to changing data requirements without disturbing existing infrastructure. Unlike traditional surveillance systems, you can keep your customer’s surveillance data for as long as their subscription allows with cloud storage. Furthermore, data storage can be increased to meet any of your customer’s needs.

Why Make the Switch to Cloud-Based Security Cameras

With older, traditional security cameras rapidly becoming obsolete and crime becoming more sophisticated every day, it’s no surprise that cloud-based technology is the future of security. As cloud-based technology becomes the next step in security, security companies that rely on traditional security systems will continue to lag.

While it may seem daunting to make the switch to cloud-based security cameras, there are many reasons why you should consider making the transition.

Improved Security

Contrary to popular belief, cloud video surveillance systems provide better cyber security protection than traditional surveillance systems. Cloud-based security cameras are infused with cutting-edge security technology, allowing security companies to maintain a high degree of quality and accessibility, instantly setting them apart from traditional surveillance systems on the market.

Scalability and Flexibility

Compared to traditional surveillance systems, cloud-based video security systems have fewer hardware limits and don’t require much on-premise infrastructure. Because cloud storage is widely available, your customers have more flexibility in selecting cameras that best fit their specific security requirements and cloud storage that meets their retention needs.

Centralized Viewing Platform

When your customers choose a cloud-based surveillance system, you will easily be able to monitor security footage from various locations in one consolidated platform, making monitoring more accessible than ever before. By integrating footage into one platform, surveillance management for your security personnel is streamlined while also increasing visibility across facilities.

Keep Your Customers Secure with Quick Response Video Monitoring Services

Video surveillance technology has come a long way, and traditional systems are gradually being phased out in favor of the flexibility offered by cloud-based surveillance systems. With cloud technology offering numerous advantages over traditional security systems, it’s time for security companies to embrace cloud-based surveillance solutions that benefit their customers.

Are you interested in learning more about how Quick Response monitoring solutions can keep your customers more secure?

For more than 40 years, Quick Response has been a national pioneer in providing security companies with 24/7 video monitoring solutions. With monitoring and dispatching staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we’ve made it our mission to make sure you have all you need to keep your customers safe and secure, delivering them the peace of mind they deserve.

To learn more about our comprehensive video surveillance monitoring services, contact Quick Response today to speak with one of our security professionals about how we can help you better safeguard your customers.

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