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Ways Central Station Monitoring Can Benefit You and Your Clients

Central Station Monitoring Benefits

Most people realize the value of having someone watch over their property when they’re not around. After all, that’s when many break-ins occur or devastating property damage can happen. That’s where a security system equipped with a central monitoring station comes in. Here’s how a central monitoring station works and how it can benefit your clients and your security business. 

What is Central Station Monitoring?

A central monitoring station is an external system connected to a property’s alarm, which receives real-time alerts when a sensor is activated. An alarm can be triggered for various reasons, such as fire, smoke, gas leaks, burglary, flood, or other emergencies. 

Once the central station receives the alert, they can do several things depending on how the system is set up. They can contact the property owner to see if everything is okay or if there is a false alarm. Or they can dispatch local authorities, such as police, fire, or paramedics, directly to the property. 

How Central Station Monitoring Can Benefit Your Clients

While monitoring isn’t a requirement for security services, it’s an excellent thing to have and something you should offer your clients. Here are some of the main benefits central station monitoring can offer your clients:

1. Emergency Dispatch

Because your clients have trained professionals monitoring their property, they can have peace of mind that emergency services will be called when necessary. Depending on your client’s needs and wishes, emergency dispatch can happen instantly or after a call to the client. 

2. Single-Source Protection

Central station monitoring services offer a single source of protection for various risks, such as fire, CO poisoning, gas leaks, break-ins, and health emergencies. They can also cover as much of the property as your client wishes. 

3. 24//7 Coverage

Central station monitoring companies are always on the job, meaning your clients have someone watching their property 24/7. This gives them comfort, knowing they are protected from various hazards or risks that can harm them or their property. 

4. Criminal Deterrent

Thieves looking for their next victim aren’t interested in getting caught. They will be less likely to choose your client’s property if they see that it has a security system with round-the-close monitoring. And if a break-in occurs, the coverage can help catch and prosecute the perpetrator. 

5. Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies offer discounts to property owners with monitored security systems. The amount of the discount will vary by the insurance company, so each client will need to contact their carrier. This means your clients will have peace of mind and save money simultaneously. 

Ways Central Station Monitoring Can Benefit Security Companies

You work hard to create a security system that protects clients and delivers peace of mind. The best way to accomplish these goals is to partner with a reputable central station monitoring service. Here are some of the ways one of these services can benefit your security business. 

1. Adds Value

When customers shop for a security system, they’ll soon realize that not all systems and companies are alike. Some offer more services than others, and some deliver better security solutions. You may have some of the best equipment in the industry. But you’ll add value to what you offer by giving clients the option of central station monitoring. 

2. Protects Clients

One of the primary missions of your security business is likely to protect the health and safety of clients. A central monitoring station is the best way to accomplish this because it puts eyes and ears on your client’s property 24/7. When there is an urgent need, someone will be there to help. 

3. Differentiates Your Brand

Similar to adding value, offering high-quality central monitoring station services is a great way to differentiate your brand. Not all security companies will offer this service, and some may provide subpar services. When you deliver the best service, you’ll stand out from the crowd. 

4. Grows Your Business

Today’s consumers do a lot of research before making a significant purchase decision. When customers realize that your security company offers the highest quality central station monitoring services, which provide the best protections, they’ll overwhelmingly choose your business. This is the best way to grow and expand your operations. 

Choosing the Best Central Station Monitoring Company for Your Security Business

Now that you know how central station monitoring can benefit your clients and business, how do you choose the right partner? It’s not as simple as selecting just any company from a list. Not all alarm monitoring services are the same. If you want to deliver the best possible experience to your clients and achieve positive long-term results for your business, here are some key considerations:

UL-Certification — Short for Underwriters Laboratories, UL-certified central stations are of the highest caliber because they have met strict standards for their services’ security, quality, and safety.

Fully Integrated Services — Even if your clients only want one type of monitoring, it’s a good idea to offer a full range of services, such as safety, security, and fire, so you can deliver seamless and convenient service to as many clients as possible.

Knowledge and Experience — Years in the industry and knowledge of the technology involved in these services are vital to delivering a consistent customer experience.

24/7 Support — A central station monitoring service should be available 24/7 to deliver services to your clients. And the service you choose should have emergency backup systems in case of a power interruption.

Choose Quick Response for Your Central Station Monitoring Needs

For a security system to have the most value, it must be monitored by skilled and trained professionals in real time around the clock. If you want to deliver the highest level of service to your clients, choosing the right central station monitoring company is essential. 

Quick Response is a nationwide leader in 24/7 alarm monitoring technology. We are a UL-listed, five-diamond-certified central monitoring station with over 40 years of industry experience. Contact us today for more information about how our comprehensive monitoring services can boost the success of your alarm business.

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