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What Does an Alarm Monitoring Center Do?

What property owner doesn’t want extra protection for themselves and their investment? But it’s impossible to have someone on-site around the clock to make sure a home or business is safe and secure. That’s why an alarm monitoring center can be so valuable. But what does this type of service involve, and is it necessary? If you provide security services for your clients, here’s what you need to know about the value of offering an alarm monitoring center. 

What Is a Central Monitoring Station?

Alarm monitoring centers are often called “central monitoring stations.” A central monitoring station employs highly trained operators using the latest technology and equipment to monitor a property for various risks. An alarm monitoring center receives a real-time signal from a home’s or business’s security service and takes appropriate action to protect property and lives, whether the owners are on the premises or not. 

What Does an Alarm Monitoring Center Do?

Alarm monitoring centers are necessary to facilitate quick action if there is an emergency. Once a security system is installed in a client’s home or business, this type of service monitors any signals from the system 24/7. Highly trained operators follow strict protocols to verify false alarms and take quick action when there is a real threat. 

Whether there is a break-in, a fire, a medical emergency, or some other environmental hazard (flood, gas leak, etc.), an alarm monitoring center will respond to one of these events appropriately and swiftly.

One of the most important things an alarm monitoring center does is dispatch local emergency response personnel to the property. Whether that be the fire department, EMS, or local police, the property owner can have peace of mind that an appropriate response has been executed. 

Benefits of Using an Alarm Monitoring Center

There are many benefits that an alarm monitoring center can provide to your clients. These include the following.

Instant Emergency Assistance

Response time can be critical when an emergency happens. When a homeowner handles their own security or uses a subpar system, the response to an alarm activation may get delayed, resulting in property losses or serious injuries. On the other hand, an experienced alarm monitoring service will ensure that the appropriate professional assistance is dispatched immediately when needed. 

Single Source of Protection

Imagine having to set up a different monitoring system for things like fire, break-ins, gas leaks, and other hazards. It’s a look to consider, and it can become costly. A central monitoring station provides a single source of protection for the things that can threaten a homeowner’s property, safety, and health. 

Round-the-Clock Coverage

Few homeowners can keep watch over their properties 24/7, and even if they could, why would they want to? A reputable alarm monitoring station provides real-time protection for homeowners around the clock, so whether they are away at work or at home sleeping, they can have peace of mind knowing someone is looking out for their safety and health at all times. 

Deterrent Against Crime

One of the things a central monitoring station does is notify the police if there is a potential break-in to the property. Homeowners with this type of security system can also post signs around the property, letting criminals know what will happen if they make the wrong move. A central station monitoring service has proven to be an excellent crime deterrent. 

Discounted Insurance Premiums

Insurance rates across the country have increased substantially over the past several years, making the cost of living even more unaffordable for the average homeowner. Fortunately, some insurance companies will provide homeowners with a premium discount if they use a security system that includes real-time monitoring. It’s worth it to make this benefit one of your product’s selling points. 

In addition to these benefits, your alarm company will have more satisfied customers and enjoy better overall results by offering central station monitoring services. 

Choosing the Right Alarm Monitoring Partner

If you want to offer alarm monitoring services for your customers, it’s essential that you choose the right partner. Unfortunately, not all central stations are the same, as they don’t provide an equal level of quality and service. When selecting a central station alarm monitoring partner, here are several things to keep in mind. 

1. Choose a UL-Certified Central Station

Your first criterion should be to choose a UL-listed central monitoring station. This means the alarm monitoring company has met the rigid standards of Underwriters Laboratories. This is a non-profit organization that assists companies in this industry by evaluating safety, quality, security, and regulatory compliance. 

2. Partner with a TMA Five Diamond Central Station

When researching central monitoring stations, consider choosing one that has received the TMA Five Diamond designation from The Monitoring Association (TMA). This is an organization that evaluates the 3,700 central monitoring stations throughout North America, where only about five percent make the cut. 

3. Work With an Industry Leader in Central Station Monitoring

When choosing an alarm monitoring center for your customers, it’s not the best time to give a brand new company a shot or shop for the lowest price. Of course, you want to get a good deal, but it’s just as important that you work with an established central station monitoring station that understands how this business and industry works. 

Quick Response Offers Professional Central Station Monitoring Services

Now that you understand what an alarm monitoring station does, choosing the right partner for your business is essential. Quick Response is the go-to choice for central station alarm monitoring services. We are an industry leader, offering these feature-rich services at a competitive price. 

Our team of highly experienced and trained professionals adheres to TMA’s best practices, and we use the most reliable technology to ensure your clients receive trustworthy service. We act as an extension of your business, delivering the high level of service your customers deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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