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Why You Should Partner With a TMA Five Diamond Central Station


If you’re researching central stations, you want to find one that will deliver the highest quality of service possible. You might wonder who measures these stations? How can you have peace of mind knowing you’re making the right choice?

The Monitoring Association (TMA) is a non-profit trade association that represents the professional monitoring industry. For over 70 years, the organization, run by industry experts, has been dedicated to the advancement of standards, education, and advocacy in this sector. 

The way TMA recognizes excellence in monitoring centers is by awarding them its TMA Five Diamond designation. If you are going to partner with a central station, here is why you should choose one that is on this elite list. 

Not Every Central Station Gets a TMA Five Diamond Certification

Central stations are a vital part of monitored security systems like Quick Response provides. However, not all monitoring centers are the same. Out of the more than 3,700 monitoring centers throughout North America, only about five percent (roughly 200 centers) have met TMA’s standards for its Five Diamond Certification. Quick Response is proud to be one of those companies and has been certified since 2005. 

What Does Five Diamond Certification Mean?

It’s not easy for a central station to achieve this coveted status. Every company that receives this designation must adhere to the Five Commitments of Excellence outlined in the program. These commitments include:

1. Commitment to Quality Criteria Standards and Random Inspections

When an alarm activates, customers should have peace of mind knowing that a certified expert will immediately provide the required and expected assistance. This is a function of personnel, training, and technology. The first requirement that Five Diamond central stations must meet is an agreement to adhere to rigorous quality criteria standards. 

However, just agreeing to meet those standards isn’t enough. A certified business must also submit to random inspections by a nationally-recognized testing laboratory such as UL, Intertek/ETL, and FM Approvals. TMA regularly uses these organizations to conduct inspections and improve the overall client experience. 

2. Commitment to the Highest Levels of Customer Service

The second commitment by Five Diamond central stations is to provide clients with the highest possible level of customer service. This is evidenced by the efficiency and effectiveness of the services offered, as well as through the positive interactions between the subscriber and operator. 

Before monitoring begins, a client’s equipment must be installed and set up correctly, and the client should be given thorough instruction on its use. If there is a serious emergency requiring dispatch services, the central station must have operators who can work a situation under pressure with precision and speed.

3. Commitment to Ongoing Job-Related Training and Testing

The third commitment required to earn Five Diamond certification is that all operators receive proper education and testing. Specifically, TMA requires that 100% of central station operators be certified by their organization through a customized training course that focuses on the latest industry rules, regulations, and standards. TMA also requires that certified companies participate in ongoing educational opportunities and certifications. 

4. Commitment to Raising Industry Standards

The next commitment concerns the continual improvement of the monitoring industry. To be a Five Diamond central station, the business must be an active TMA member and participate in activities that elevate the entire industry. This might include attendance at conventions and participation in other sponsored activities. 

5. Commitment to the Reduction in False Dispatches

False dispatches are a serious issue in the alarm monitoring industry. When a false dispatch occurs, it costs cities and municipalities millions of dollars annually in wasted resources and threatens public safety. Law enforcement and fire departments have to mobilize for false alarms. Some cities are now even fining businesses for these, which is going to impact the client experience. 

Monitoring services that are TMA Five Diamond Certified are committed to reducing false dispatches in various ways. Some of these include requiring verified response, chat functions, and video verification monitoring. 

Staying TMA Five Diamond Certified 

A monitoring company like Quick Response can’t get TMA Five Diamond Certified once and rest on its laurels. Five Diamond operators must go through a rigorous recertification every three years. TMA requires that each company on its list undergo recertification to demonstrate its commitment to ongoing competency. This includes verifying that operators have the up-to-date skills and knowledge necessary to do their job. 

Why You Need a TMA Five Diamond Central Station

When it comes to providing services for your clients, you only want to offer the best of the best. There are thousands of central stations in the United States, but only a few elite companies can claim that they have earned the TMA Five Diamond Certification.

These companies have committed to quality, customer service, ongoing education, higher industry standards, and reduced false dispatches. You owe it to yourself and your clients to choose a provider that offers a service you can count on with the highest standards possible. 

Get Complete Monitoring Solutions from Quick Response

Quick Response is a TMA Five Diamond Central Station. We use our 40+ years of experience in the alarm industry to make our clients’ lives easier. Our monitoring and dispatching staff is available 24/7 to provide the services that best suit your customers’ needs, including central station monitoring, hosted central station services, video monitoring, PERS alarm and security monitoring, and more.

We understand that your business reputation is everything. Our comprehensive monitoring services act as an extension of your brand, ensuring your clients receive the level of service they expect and deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how a TMA Five Diamond Central Station can benefit your business and clients.

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