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Why Your Security Business Needs to Partner with an Alarm Monitoring Service

A Woman Arming Her Burglar Alarm

If you are a provider of security systems, your system (however good on its own) is incomplete without the inclusion of an alarm monitoring service. In fact, one of the major selling points of your security system business should be the ability to provide your clients with the highest level of protection, which is a 24/7 surveillance service. This is a significant step toward getting more clients.

Home and business owners would like to have an extra pair of eyes to monitor their property all the time and keep track of their possessions. However, because this is obviously impossible, a security system equipped with a central alarm monitoring station is essential. 

What Is an Alarm Monitoring Service?

An alarm monitoring service uses a central monitoring station that sends real-time alerts to highly trained operators when an alarm is activated. The reason for an alarm can be related to a break-in, gas leak, smoke, fire, flood, or any other emergency situation occurring where a security system has been installed. Once the appropriate authorities receive notification of a problem, they spring into action immediately. 

What Are the Benefits of an Alarm Monitoring Service?

Many benefits come with a central alarm monitoring station, including the following. 

One-Stop Protection 

An alarm monitoring service monitors a property around the clock. It’s the optimum way to safeguard your clients from burglaries and other crimes but also situations involving smoke, fire, gas leakage, carbon monoxide poisoning, and more. Partnering with a single-stop monitoring system provides comprehensive protection to your clients.

Instant Emergency Help

Having central monitoring capabilities included in your security system means that appropriate individuals are ready to take necessary actions if an alarm is activated. These people are professionals trained not only to react quickly but also to follow proper procedures to minimize danger or damage. 

Many different types of unwelcome situations can be monitored, including:

  • Burglary or Break-In Attempts. When a break-in triggers a security system alarm, the monitoring service will be alerted immediately. They will call to check with the property owner and then inform the proper authorities if they can’t get a response. 
    • Every year in the US, there are more than 1 million burglaries, a new burglary every 25.7 seconds!
  • Smoke, Fire, and Carbon Monoxide Leakage. If a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is triggered, the monitoring service will immediately alert and contact the fire department to proceed to your client’s property.
  • Environmental Situations. An alarm system paired with a monitoring service can send alerts about changes in the environment of building interiors. This can include variations in moisture and changes in temperature, e.g., rising temperature threatening sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Medical Emergencies. Another advantage of partnering with a surveillance service is that an alarm can be triggered in the case of a medical emergency. The monitoring service will notify the appropriate authorities, and an ambulance can be outside your client’s property within minutes. 
  • Other Situations That Can Be Monitored:
    • Sprinkler systems
    • Sprinkler flows
    • Critical processes
    • Hold-ups
    • Openings and closings

Protection From Different Kinds of Intrusions

An intrusion alarm monitoring system is an essential component of any video security system. An alert is triggered when something unwanted is happening on your client’s premises, e.g., an intruder gaining entry to the property or an employee or visitor entering a space where they’re not permitted to be. 

Many organizations have put in place access control systems to prevent people from entering specific spaces: employee workspaces, storage rooms, areas with heavy machinery, data centers, areas containing confidential files or information, and more. Intrusion notifications can be designed to issue an alarm when undesired motion occurs, such as a security door opening or breaking glass occurring.

  • Help is directed toward your client’s site as soon as possible. The faster the appropriate people can be alerted, the quicker they can respond and resolve the issue.

Deters Criminals 

Criminals prefer not to be apprehended. They will be far less likely to engage with a property if they know it is being monitored by a security company 24/7. Potential miscreants will notice outdoor cameras, yard signs, and stickers that will tend to give them pause. In addition, if a crime does occur, the combination of a security system and a monitoring system can provide proof of a crime and aid in the apprehension and prosecution of the criminal.

  • Research found that 60% of burglars were deterred away from a potential break-in site if they noticed signs of a security monitoring system.

Insurance Discount 

Many insurance companies offer insurance benefits for a property that has a security system. Your clients may receive a bigger discount if their property is also being defended by a 24-hour monitoring service. 

Partnering with an Alarm Monitoring Service: Final Thoughts

Your security business needs a partner to provide a top-class alarm monitoring service. With more than 40 years of alarm industry experience, Quick Response is a TMA Five Diamond designated central station that provides first-class surveillance services. 

The Monitoring Association (TMA) is a 70-year-old non-profit trade association representing the monitoring industry. TMA recognizes a high level of excellence in monitoring centers by awarding them its TMA Five Diamond designation

You not only need to partner with a central monitoring station—you need to partner with one of the best. Quick Response will not let you or your clients down. We can act as an extension of your security business, help you attract more clients, and increase your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about our monitoring solutions.

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