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7 Ways Security Companies Can Be More Sustainable


Sustainability isn’t a new concept in the security industry. For a few years, several manufacturers have been trying to find “greener” ways to deliver their products and services. However, a majority of businesses in this sector still have a lot of work to do, and many aren’t sure where to begin. 

Sustainability is an important topic amongst consumers, who increasingly want to award their business to more eco-friendly brands. According to a recent report produced by the Wharton School and First Insight, a majority of consumers state that they are willing to pay more for sustainable products. 

If you’re a security business, you might think that sustainability is going to be tough, but there are things just about any company can do to be more sustainable. Here are seven ways your security company can start being more sustainable, which might just help you grow your business

1. Infrastructure

Having a healthy building and office space is one of the core elements of being a sustainable business. Corporate buildings and production facilities can seek to become LEED certified, which is short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This is a rigorous program that focuses mainly on new commercial structures. 

Beyond LEED certification, security companies can strive to create a healthier workplace by using greener energy sources, more natural lighting, and installing smart sensors to save energy. 

2. Production

Another element of being a sustainable company is how you manufacture and produce your products. Even if you don’t make your products in-house, you should have some influence on the company that does. There are various guidelines and certifications, like ISO 14000, that companies can follow to eliminate the use of hazardous materials during a production process. 

Other vital elements are how manufacturers reduce waste during their processes and how they choose their suppliers. For example, manufacturers can choose to only purchase materials from sustainable sources or work with environmentally-friendly partners. 

3. Packaging

The security industry hasn’t placed a lot of emphasis on green packaging in the past. Many security products, like cameras, come in packages that have entirely too much plastic or include unnecessary accessories. 

Your security business can remedy this by using more recycled materials in its packaging. As long as customers are getting a quality product, they don’t care about fancy labels and see-through windows. You can use attractive brown boxes with your brand’s logo printed on them, and it might be a good idea to sell accessories separately so that they don’t go to waste. 

4. Shipping

If you sell security products, like cameras and sensors, the shipping of those products can leave one heck of a carbon footprint. When you think about it, the products have to be loaded onto trucks from the manufacturer to a distributor and finally sent to your customer. At some point, you’ll also send someone to the location for installation unless they choose to self-install. 

This entire process can have a negative impact on the environment. One way you can be a bit “greener” is to ensure that all of the pieces of your security system ship together instead of sending out multiple trucks and vans. You can also work with shipping companies that are trying to be more sustainable by using efficient routing and trucks. 

5. Technology

As a security company, you have the opportunity to leverage technology to benefit your customers. You can do the same thing to be a more sustainable business. As mentioned in the infrastructure section, you can use solutions like solar panels and IoT devices (smart thermostats, etc.) to reduce energy consumption. 

You can also use technology to help your customers be more sustainable. For example, 24/7 monitoring services can give your clients the around-the-clock security services they need. This can reduce repeated false alarm calls to local emergency services, which certainly consume a lot of resources. 

6. Disposal

Another piece of the sustainability puzzle for security companies is how products at the end of their life cycles get disposed of. For some security customers, an upgrade means throwing away a lot of outdated equipment. Will your business just uninstall it for them and take it to the landfill or try to repurpose it? And what about your own equipment that no longer works or has become outdated? 

Some security products contain materials that could be harmful if they are just tossed in a landfill. Many components in these systems could be reused or recycled. Businesses in this industry can certainly be more sustainable by looking closer at these options. 

7. Culture

Finally, security companies need to create a culture of sustainability within the organization. This begins by making sustainability one of the company’s core values. Beyond this, the business will need to educate employees about why various initiatives are important and include them in the planning and implementation processes. 

Security companies can also encourage staff and even clients to get involved in becoming more sustainable. This might take the form of different charitable efforts or educational marketing campaigns throughout the year. Your business can also partner with nonprofit organizations focused on environmental issues. 

High-Quality Central Station Monitoring Services for Your Security Company

Sustainability in the security industry means increased efficiency in using your resources and eliminating as much waste as possible. Another way you do this is by offering central station monitoring services to your clients. Through constant monitoring, you can reduce unnecessary emergency calls and give your clients the peace of mind they need and deserve. 

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